"Wisdom Without Words" delves deep into the rich history of Adinkra Symbols, shining a light on their historical roots, profound significance, and enduring influence. This book is a tribute to the age-old wisdom encapsulated within these symbols, serving as both a guide and homage to their timeless legacy.

Dive into the Language of Adinkra: An Educational Journey Through 125+ Symbols

Uncover the rich history and significance of each symbol as it is infused with a contemporary narrative. Immerse yourself in the sacredness of Adinkra and discover its practical uses in today's world.

This book far exceeded my expectations. I’ve only been aware of a few of the symbols and was amazed at the amount and their descriptions. I also appreciated the information on the origins. This is a wonderful resource. I also think that anyone who designs/creates should have this to be able to know and articulate their designs and choices. Such a beautifully put together book!

Shaunte Newby

I love this book! Its is beautifully laid out with so much detail. You can tell a lot of attention was paid to every aspect. It is the perfect reference book to engage with!

Faith Foster

An amazing debut! This complete reference book is a must have! Thank you for such a gorgeous and comprehensive addition to my library.


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