Nakia Duncan is devoted to intertwining design, history, and creativity inspired by the African Diaspora. Born in Brooklyn and later becoming an influential figure in DC's architectural scene, Nakia has seamlessly merged her inherent artistic prowess with profound cultural depth, particularly through her exploration of Adinkra symbols.

For over 20 years, Nakia has carved a niche in the realm of interior architecture, managing and designing over $50 million worth of commercial and government spaces with top-tier architectural firms in DC. Yet, it was her sojourn at the College of William and Mary that unveiled the mesmerizing world of Adinkra symbols, igniting a passion that went beyond mere academic interest. Feeling an immediate resonance with the wisdom these symbols encapsulated, she felt a calling to share this knowledge more broadly with the diaspora community.

Out of this passion emerged Cynirje Culture by Design, her jewelry venture, which soon identified a gap in the market for jewelry findings that featured Adinkra symbols. This discernment led to the birth of Adinkra Charms, a brand that not only catered to individual wearers seeking pieces infused with deep cultural meaning but also became a haven for fellow jewelry designers in search of these unique charms. Under Nakia's guidance, Adinkra Charms rapidly ascended as one of the most visible Adinkra Symbol Brands, bridging the cultural wisdom of the past with the contemporary aesthetics of today.

Nakia Duncan's work is more than just about design; it's a narrative, a celebration, and an educational journey. Through her endeavors, she continuously champions the awareness and significance of Adinkra symbols, ensuring they are not just worn but understood, appreciated, and celebrated.

While not immersed in her design pursuits, Nakia's commitment to cultural education remains unyielding. She's on a continuous mission to make Adinkra symbols and the knowledge they carry more accessible, ensuring the diaspora community reclaims, appreciates, and celebrates its rich heritage. Nakia's work and vision stand as a symbol, reminding us of the importance of cultural preservation, understanding, and evolution.


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